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A Full Service Specialty Bakery

At, Rotella’s Italian Bakery, Inc., we take pride in the ability to produce specialty items.  It is certainly a distinct privilege and honor to have the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s finest personnel in the restaurant and food industry.

Discover More Options

Rotella’s Yellow French Toast Loaf (#00132) is a classic for making French toast, but check out these other loaves to find the perfect match for your maple syrup and butter:

  • 00107 – Thick crust and light crumb French Bread Sliced
  • 00129 – Light and Sweet Open Top Honey Potato
  • 00252 – Sweet and Wholesome 9 Grain Open Top
  • 00210 – Golden Brown crust and mild sourdough flavor Sour Vienna

Rotella’s Italian Bread Sticks (#00537) are a natural fit for any great meal, check out these other offerings to find the perfect fit for what you’re serving up:

  • 00779 – Earthy and Sweet Wheatberry Split Top Dinner Roll
  • 00117 – Light and Yeasty Steakhouse Twist
  • 00161 – Light Sour Flavor and thick crust Sour Dough Baguette
  • 00805 – Aromatic Rosemary & Rustic Appearance Rosemary Focaccia Ciabatta Loaf

The Pumpernickel Dinner Roll (#00483) has big flavor for a small dinner roll, but these other breads and rolls are also a delicious centerpiece for your bread & butter plate:

  • 00773 – Soft and sweet Sweet Banquet Roll
  • 00690 – Yeast and delicious Dinner Mini Pane
  • 00852 – Crispy and rustic Ciabatta Bites
  • 00456 – Sweet basil and rosemary Focaccia Split Top Rolls

With a crispy crust and light, airy crumb the Italian Banquet Roll (#00771) is a perfect fit for any bread basket. But don’t forget to try these other great offerings:

  • 00387 – Tight crumb and thick crust Heavy Hearth Roll
  • 00777 – Sweet onion and aromatic dill Dill Rye Onion Banquet Roll
  • 00704 – Sweet pumpernickel rye, hearty wheat & classic Italian Assorted Dinner Rolls
  • 00387 – Crispy crust and light crumb Italian Hard Rolls

The lightly sweet Honey Wheat Sandwich (#00183) is ideal for making world class toast, but with so many unique and delicious options at Rotella’s, don’t limit yourself to only one:

  • 00598 – Sweet Pumpernickel Rye & Mild Sourdough Marble Rye
  • 00209 – Thick crust and prominent sour flavor Sour Dough Reuben
  • 00254 – Robust flavor & rich whole grain ingredients Multi-Grain Reuben w. Oat topping
  • 00106 – Light crumb and yeasty flavor