New Rotella's Products

Innovative Product Development

At Rotella’s, our product development team keeps a close watch on market trends and emerging technologies that lead to innovative and top performing baked goods!

Home Style Brioche

Home-style Brioche


Take your burger to the next level! Indulgent, buttery and sweet flavor characterize this bun. The perfect way to add flavor and quality to your burger.

Brioche Slider

Brioche Slider


Big on flavor, not size! Sweet and delicious these dark golden brown sliders have a buttery flavor that matches the indulgent qualities you’d expect from a brioche bun..

Gluten Free Bun

Gluten-free Bun


A better way to do Gluten Free! Yeasty flavor, resilient crumb, golden brown color and still no gluten. If you’re looking for a great gluten free hamburger bun, then it has to be Rotella’s.

Rustic Bagquette

Rustic Baguette


Artisan quality and superb functionality, the rustic baguette has rich fermentation flavors excellent for a table bread, and exceptional eating quality that makes it a top-notch baguette for sandwiches.

Sunny Side Burger

Sunnyside Burger


Bring out the best in your gourmet burgers. Real butter and real sugar give this dark golden brown bun its rich flavor that will illuminate your senses. There’s no better way to give top tier burger toppings the perfect finishing touch.