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Five generations later, Rotella’s Italian Bakery, Inc. is among the industry’s most respected, high-volume specialty bakeries, blending state-of-the-art production with old-world technique. Whereas our forefathers baked several types of breads, we now produce as many as 400 varieties—including for national and wholesale distribution, as well as household-name brands you have long trusted.

Our commitment to the customer will never waver: We work with only the highest-quality, most wholesome foodservice ingredients. And though we now produce in high volumes, we bake each product as though we were serving it at our own family table. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can taste our word. Whether you enjoy our Italian bread, mild sourdough or honey flavored wheat bread, there’s a century of pride into every slice.

The Rotella Family

Rotella Family

Rotella’s Italian Bakery has grown well beyond our forefather’s dream from his 1850 operation—a small brick oven in Italy. What’s more astonishing than our growth, however, is how much has remained the same. Industrial mixers have replaced the kneading we once muscled through. And wood-fired ovens are a thing of the past. But we continue to place our family’s values at the center of every decision.

The founder’s son, Louis Sr., guided the company through decades of expansion. Often using the salutation, “We wish you the very best, from the Rotella family,” he lived out that catchphrase, always putting customers’ best interests first. He passed down his steadfast commitment to quality and service to his son, Louis Jr., Rotella’s current CEO and President. Louis Jr. devoted his career to product innovation and business development, propelling the bakery from a local legend to a national leader.

The same pioneering spirit continues to this day. Other family executives include Louis Jr.’s brother-in-law, Dean Jacobsen, and cousin, James Rotella. Each has two children in the business: Louis Rotella III, John Rotella, Dean Jacobsen Jr., Helena (Jacobsen) Anderson and Rocky and Gina Rotella. The influence of family guarantees a robust sense of purpose. And as we fulfill our vision for growth, we continue to put customers’ needs first. As Louis Sr. has said for years, we will always … wish you the very best.

—From the Rotella Family

Our Mission


The mission of Rotella’s Italian Bakery, Inc. is to masterfully blend old world skill and experience with modern efficiencies to provide the very best in high quality breads and rolls. This, coupled with our dedication to strive for extraordinary service, is what really completes our mission.


Lou Rotella Jr.
President / CEO