Bread Loaves


White Line

Looking for new ideas? Browse the recipes below for some wonderful serving suggestions. But don't stop there! Rotella's bread is perfect for any occasion. Let your imagination run wild, the sky's the limit!


Jalapeno Pulled Pork

Start with Rotella’s #230 Jalapeno Cornbread. Warm up pulled pork and stir in pickled peppers and jalapeno slices. For an extra kick, serve with a fresh jalapeno pepper…This sandwich brings plenty of heat!


American Club

Lightly toast 3 slices of Rotella’s #216 Open Top Dinner Loaf, butter if you like. Pile on slices of thinly sliced ham, smoked turkey, American cheese, and bacon. Garnish with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise. You can’t go too high on this sandwich!


Sourdough Avocado Veggie

Lightly toast 2 slices of Rotella #209 Sour Dough Reuben. Top with field greens, freshly sliced tomatoes, and thickly sliced avocado. Toss sprouts in extra virgin olive oil and place on top. This will please any health food junky.


Classic BLT

Lightly toast 2 slices of Rotella #121 Italian Sandwich bread and lightly spread Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip on the top slice, salt and pepper if you like. Top with lettuce, freshly sliced tomatoes, and crispy bacon…A true classic!


Grilled Patty Melt

Butter 2 slices of Rotella’s #240 Rye Vienna and set aside. Grill Angus hamburger patty along with sliced red onions. Place bread butter side down in pan and top with burger and provolone cheese. After cheese is melted, top with onions and flip. For a little more zest add some thousand island creamy dressing…Yummy!


Marble Reuben

Butter 2 slices of Rotella #597 Marble Bread. Place 1 buttered side down and top with sliced corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. Top with remaining buttered marble slice of bread, buttered side out. Toast over medium heat in a pan until bread is lightly browned and cheese is melty…Enjoy!