Dinner/Banquet Rolls & Breadsticks


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Looking for new ideas? Browse the recipes below for some wonderful serving suggestions. But don't stop there! Rotella's bread is perfect for any occasion. Let your imagination run wild, the sky's the limit!


Old World Italian Focaccia

Cut a Rotella’s #456 Focaccia Split Top Roll in half. Top with layers of authentic deli Capicola, Prosciutto, Genoa Salami, Provolone Cheese, and pickled yellow peppers. Use Italian Vinaigrette dressing to your liking…This is an offer you can’t refuse!


Prime Rib Roll

Start with either #391 Rotella’s Sour Banquet Rolls or #771 Italian Banquet Rolls, carefully slice just until hinged. Roast a prime rib until medium rare or an internal temperature of 140 degrees. Let meat rest, thinly slice, and layer onto rolls. Don’t forget to offer sides of horseradish for those who like that extra kick. Sure to impress anyone for an Hors D’oeuvres party or celebration.


Banquet Roll Shrimp Salad

Chop shrimp and celery, mix in mayonnaise with a squeeze of lemon juice and chopped dill. Cut #773 Sweet Banquet Roll in half an top with this scrumptious shrimp salad!


Wheat Banquet Sandwich

Cut #779 Wheat Banquet Roll in half and top with sliced turkey and cranberry sauce…very simple!


Pumpernickel Salmon

Cut #483 Round Pumpernickel Dinner Roll in half. Spread bottom with prepared herb cream cheese. Top with slices of smoked salmon and fresh cucumber…absolutely delicious!