Specialty Breads


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Looking for new ideas? Browse the recipes below for some wonderful serving suggestions. But don't stop there! Rotella's bread is perfect for any occasion. Let your imagination run wild, the sky's the limit!


Chili Cheese Bowl

Carefully hollow out a Rotella’s #720 Italian Bread Bowl. Fill with seven bean chili and top with scallions and shredded sharp cheddar. The perfect fall meal, in a bowl you can actually eat…Have fun and enjoy the game!


Garlic Cheese Bread

Slightly soften butter in microwave and add freshly chopped garlic, thyme, and salt to make a compound butter. Slice a Rotella’s #909 Cuban Style Bread on the bias about one inch thick. Cover each slice with butter and grated Parmesan cheese. Broil in oven until hot and bubbly! Great wide with any pasta dish or salad…Bellissimo!


Bruschetta Appetizer

Start with slices of Rotella’s Italian Bread. Chop tomatoes and marinate in olive oil, garlic and chopped basil. Add to bread and serve with a side of olive oil for dipping…Very Authentic.


Roasted Carrot Soup

Start with a Rotella #436 Cored Sour Dough Bread Bowl. Pour steamy hot roasted carrot soup into bread bowl and top off with dollop of sour cream and fresh chopped chives…Enjoy!